Ready to create your own Data Protection Management System?

Here you will get a overview on how to create a Data Protection Management System using DataProtectionMS.

This documentation allows you a fast and easy start into using our SaaS or locally hosted DataProtectionMS. The DataProtectionMS is provided by Raptor Compliance GmbH, a Zürich based Data Protection consultancy and software development company. We are located in the heart of Zurich at the Technopark.

Our software solution offers you all tools and processes you need to manage data protection in medium to big companies. Decide if you would like to use our SaaS Solution or opt for your own deployment on premise or privat cloud. Our versatile software design allows you to cover all possible szenarios of deployment.

As a DPO or Compliance Officer you will be able to manage compliance tasks with many stakeholders as well as keep track of audit logs and support your management with real time reports. Implementing a PDCA cycle can be easily done as our solution will remind your department heads and IT admins of upcoming checks of previously entered information.

Additionally our certified data protection officers can support you in your daily business. If you would like to transfer your current Excel and Word based dokumentation into the DataProtectionMS, send us a quick email at support@raptorcompliance.com. We have tools to import the information for you and are happy to support you in the onboarding process.

Our team of DPOs, laywers, project managers and software developers will assist you in all aspects of data protection and privacy compliance. Our experience is focused on the GDPR, DSG (Switzerland), BDSG (Germany), TMG, UWG, ePrivacy Directive and US based privacy regulations such as CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), Stored Communications Act, HIPPA, COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).