Step 7: Webform

Summary: This article will help you set up your Webform by explaining every bullet point seen on the Dashboard.


How to Create a Webform


  1. Click on the link highlighted in the picture above. Alternatively, you can click on Webform in the navigation panel.


  1. Click +Add Webform. A popup will appear.


  1. Fill in the required Data.

Note: The name you choose here will only be shown to you (not to the customer) in the webform overview panel and nowhere else.


  1. Add language, you can select a single or multiple language.

Note: The later connected workflow and the webform must have the same language.

  1. Click create.


  1. The newly created webform will show on the webform overview.


  1. Click downward facing arrow symbol to open up this view.


  1. Click on +Add Field to create a field in which the customer can enter something on the webform. Clicking on this option will open a popup.


  1. Enter a label. This will be the description on top of the field. For this example we will take the E-Mail adress. Afterwards select from the dropdown menu the type of the field you want to create.


Note: For some types (for example E-Mail, as seen below) there will appear an additional field, where you can set the maximum amount of characters that may fit in the box on the webform.



  1. After creating the field, the selections you’ve made will show up on the overview. Here you can also select if this field is required to be filled in. When selecting an e-mail box, there will be two additional boxes. One is notification and the other one is authorization. When you check notification and a user fills in this field, it will send out an e-mail to the entered address. If you check authorization, the user needs to click on a link sent by mail to verify that the address is in use.

Note: Those two boxes can only be checked if there is an e-mail server connected!

For more information on Webform check out the dedicated article.