Step 4: Stakeholder


Summary: This article will help you set up stakeholder.

How to Add Stakeholder


1. Click on the link highlighted in the picture above. Alternatively, you can click on Stakeholder Management in the navigation panel.


  1. Click +Stakeholder


  1. This is the overviewpage of a new stakeholder.
  • First fill in the required data in field number 1.
  • Upload contracts or other documents related to this stakeholder by simply dragging the files in box number 2 or clicking the browse button which will open a popup where you can select the documents.
  • Choose the expiration dates. This field when appear when clicking a date field:


Note: You can click on the month to "zoom out" to make it easier to look for a specific month/year.

  • You can then choose the status you’re in with the stakeholder. This dropdown menu will be shown:



  1. At the bottom of the page is a comment box, if you’d like to you can save a comment about the stakeholder or other information by writing in the box and clicking the save comment button.

  2. Click save.

  3. Click the panel TOM’s



  1. This will open this panel

  2. In here you can simply add the TOM’s by checking the box. If you want to add a new TOM you can do this by clicking the +Add button.


  1. This is the popup that will appear, in here you can name your new TOM and the desired translations.

  2. Click save.

  3. Click on the panel Legal Basis for Transfer.


  1. Choose the country to which the data is being transferred. If the data remains within your country, please select your country from the dropdown menu.


  1. After choosing the country, choose the legal basis under which the data is being processed.

Note: Only applicable options in the country you chose will be shown in the dropdown menu.

  1. If your data is being transferred to multiple countries click on the add additional country button.

  2. If you chose to add another country, repeat step 12 and 13.

  3. Click save.

  4. Click on the panel Data Categories



  1. Select which data is being transferred by simply clicking the boxes.

You can add or delete categories if you want to by using the respective options at the top.

  1. Click save

  2. You’ve successfully set up a Stakeholder


  1. Your stakeholder will be shown on the overview page and will look something like this.

On here you can also edit current stakeholders or completely deleting them by clicking the edit / cross button.

For more information on Stakeholder check out the dedicated article.