In this panel you can view the Audit Log, Statistics and Audit Reports.

Audit Log

In here you can see all the changes that were made to the DPMS.

Audit Log

You will be able to see all changes which were made or logins etc. in this panel.


In this panel, you'll see your statistics. You can see how many requests there were and how many open cases are still pending. It will also show you how many more or less cases there where in relation to last month and the last three months.

Audit Report

In this panel you can see how many cases there were in the last year. And most importantly you can download a list with all the cases you've answered. To do this simply click on the button in the top right corner highlighted in the screenshot below.


This is how the report might look like:


You can see which webform was used in the process aswell as the request date and the case ID.