DPMS License

How to Upload a New License to the DPMS

This article will show you how you can upload your license to the DPMS.

First go to: https://portal.raptorcompliance.com

Log in with the account you've created when downloading the software.


This is where you log in. Remember the password was sent to you via E-Mail.


You will be greeted by this screen. On here you can see your current subscription plan, updates and most importantly the key file!


To download your key file simply click on the button and a download process will start. This should'nt take more than a few seconds.

In the meantime open up the DPMS.

Go to IT-Settings, then select the panel License.


In here upload the file you just downloaded.

You've successfully uploaded your License.

Note: In the portal you can also manage you subscription and add a different plan! So if you need more data sources, this website is where you can buy a license.