IT Settings


This panels shows an overview of information about the system and the license and version of the DPMS.


In this panel you can set general settings like the time zone and the technical contact adress. If you're not sure how to set them up check out this article.

Other things you can set up here are Captcha, MongoDB and LDAP.


You can check out how to set up users in this article.


You can check out how to set up a Mail Server in this article.

Webform Languages

In here you can see the languages which you have set up. Default languages are, English and German.

If you want to add a new language, click on add, this will open a popup.

Add Webform Language

In here you can fill in the name of the language and generate a tag for it.

Afterwards, this language becomes avaible as a language you can choose when setting up a Webform

DPMS Language Editor

DPMS Language Editor

This is what you will see when opening up this panel. in here you can select a language and see the affiliated translations. If you're looking for a specific one, there's a search functionality.

Translations with no Tags

If you click on this panel, you'll be able to see language tags with missing translations.

DPMS Actions

Using this symbol in the respective column on where you want to add a translations you can open a popup in which you can enter the translation.


In this popup you'll be able to set a category using the dropdown menu and then entering the translations in the boxes below. Which language the translation should be in is stated in the brackets next to the tag. After editing the tag, press save.

If you created, or got a translation file from us, you can install it here on this panel. For this click on the +Translation File button.

Translation File

This popup will open up. In it you can upload two files. The first one is the language file and the second one is the tags file. You can select the files using the select buttons next to the boxes. After uploading them don't forget to click save.

Translation File Download

Using this download button, you can download the .json file in which all translation are shown. You can also edit them there und reupload the file as shown before.


In this panel you can edit the style of all pdf's that will be avaible for download.

Note: CSS & HTML Knowledge necessary!

PDF File

You can edit the style here or you can upload a file. If your organisations uses a style template you can upload it here swell. If you use a CSS file, head over to the CSS panel and upload it there. Any images used can be uploaded in images. The shortcodes are a reference to help you set up your perfect template.


In the License panel you are able to see your product license and the activation and expiration date of it. You can also see if its active or not using the status information. You can upload the licese using the upload function.



You can check out how to set up SSL/TLS in this article.

Authentication Token

In this panel you'll be able to see your Tokens and add new ones if necessary.

Authentication Token

Using the eye symbol you can view your token.

Using the edit button, you can add descriptions and expiration date and the token itself.

System Exceptions

System Exceptions

Any system exceptions would be shown here. Best case scenario is an empty panel. It would be shown where the problem occurred.