Case Management

Case Management

In this panel you'll find all the information on your cases. You can look up specific cases, you can view your cases, view the overview and are able to look at the errors.

Case Lookup

In this overview you can search for a specific case. Foor example if a customer comes to you with a request you can then enter the case id and look it up directly. For this use the search bar as seen in the screenshot below!


My Cases

How to Manually Approve a Case

  1. To manually approve pending cases go to case management.


Pending cases will be shown in the My Cases Panel awaiting approval.


You will see how many pending cases there are which need manual approval.

  1. Click on take case. This will open a new window.


This is the case summary you will be presented with

  1. Click on identification to manually approve the credentials.


  1. After having authenticated the customer, the field will change its colour to green. And the the two boxes below will become interactable.
  2. You can either choose to give no data or you can select data approval which will open up a popup. In this popup the workflow will be shown and you’ll be able to choose to not show certain columns.


  1. After having approved the data, the field will switch to release case, clicking this field will approve the request and will start building the data package. And sending it out to the webform.

Cases with Errors

If you have cases with errors in this overview it means most likely you have some problems with the IT-Settings. Check in with you IT-Administrator. If you continue to have problems feel free to contact our support!

You can do this by E-Mail:

Case Overview

In this panel you can see all your cases, their status, the time they were created and which workflow was involved.

It may look something like this:


How to Download the Case Management Overview

You can download the overview as a pdf file. For this simply click on the pdf sign in the top right corner (view screenshot below for reference).


Error Handling

Most errors that appear here are due to wrong information in the IT_Settings, be sure to check in with your IT_Admin to fix errors. You can reach out to us aswell!